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We are a partnership of local railway enthusiasts and people keen to preserve Bradford on Avon's heritage.  All of us are supporters and users of our railway station with a track record of community involvement.

This is an important heritage project for the town. With the enthusiasm of the community and the added expertise we've identified, we can succeed. Everyone involved will be proud in the knowledge that their enduring legacy to their community is a completed Brunel wayside station. What can you do? Do you want to be involved, to give practical help, a donation or be a vocal supporter?  Send us an email:


The Trustees:

David Moss

In the 1990s David was Director, Commercial for Railtrack Group plc and then Director General, European Affairs. Before that he had led the UK in civil aviation negotiations with many countries including the USA and in the EU, and had been Chairman of the European Civil Aviation Conference (a UN body based in Paris). In 2000 he retired to Bradford on Avon and from 2004 to 2017 he was Chairman of the Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust.

Peter Leach

Peter is a keen volunteer and has devoted his time to various activities to promote and protect Bradford on Avon.  Peter served as a member of the Bradford on Avon Town Council for 10 years, serving three times as Mayor/Chair of Council.  He has been involved in many charity fund-raising activities over the years and is a keen railway enthusiast.

John Potter

John is a life-long train spotter, he volunteers for the West Somerset Railway.  He is a former Mayor of Bradford on Avon and is currently the Chairman of the Preservation Trust.

Our Patron:

Lord Faulkner of Worcester

Lord Faulkner is a member of Parliament and a life peer.  With a passionate interest in railways and railway heritage, Lord Faulkner holds the following rail related positions: President of the Heritage Railway Association, Chairman of the GWR Advisory Board, Deputy Chairman of the Science Museum, President of the Cotswold Line Promotion Group and Chairman of The North Cotswold Line Task Force.

Peter Mann

Peter is a retired IT technical and business project manager who has long been interested in industrial heritage, particularly railways. He volunteers once week in the Signals & Telegraph Department on the West Somerset Railway.

David Cowles

David retired in 2016 having spent 36 years as a Commercial Banker.  He is very community based and spent his entire career working in the South West. 

Paige Balas

In a prior life, Paige spent many years in the telecommunications industry.  She is the Honorary Secretary for Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust.  She is also involved in other projects in the town including CLean Up Bradford (CLuB). 

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