Our goal is to reinstate a canopy on the footbridge at the Bradford on Avon railway station.  This Grade 2 listed station is a very rare surviving example of a Brunel designed station.  The station buildings have been restored in recent years to replace various features which had been lost so they now show accurately what the buildings would have looked liked in the Victorian era.  However, the footbridge canopy was removed in the 1960s detracting from the ensemble of the station buildings.  Additionally, the installation of a canopy will help preserve the footbridge from the weather.

These two photos show a re-installed canopy almost identical to the one we need. 

The footbridge pictured was removed from Trowbridge, the adjacent station to Bradford on Avon. It is almost identical to ours.  It was acquired by the West Somerset Railway, a heritage railway.They replaced the canopy and it looks splendid!

And here is the inside showing how weather-protection and elegance can be combined.   

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